ICEFSC salutes all of its competitors, from Basic Skills level all the way up!

Congratulations to Janelle McKenzie, our Special Olympics skater who passed her standard preliminary moves in the field test, and adult bronze free skate, which now allows her eligibility to compete at the US Adult National Figure Skating Championships in Ann Arbor in April.

Congratulations to Alexis Marshall on passing her pre-juvenile moves in the field test.

Congratulations to Katie Peters on passing her pre-preliminary moves in the field test.

Congratulations to Ella Bosley, Olivia Bosley and Ellia Ward, for each winning Michigan Basic Skills Series first place season medals for compulsory and free skate events at the season final competition in Midland!

Congratulations to Katie Peters and Alexis Marshall for their second and third place finishes in the pre-preliminary event at the Midland Basic Skills Competition.

Congratulations to Hannah Neumann and Lauren Murray for medaling at the Eastern Great Lakes Regional Championships, taking home a silver and pewter medal respectively.

Congratulations to Mark Sworm, who is currently standing in 4th place in the Bronze Pattern Dance event for the Midwestern Section of the National Solo Dance Competition Series!

Congratulations Troy Summer Skate competitors Mark Sworm.   Mark took 3rd place in the Juvenile Combined Dance event.. 

Congratulations to Ellia Ward on her 2nd Place finish at the Novi Basic Skills Competition!

ICEFSC is currently in 6th place for total accumulated points in the 2015 Michigan Basic Skills Competition Series!

Coach Carol Schenten is currently in 3rd place among coaches who have skaters entered in the 2015 Michigan Basic Skills Competition Series!

Congratulations to Hannah Neumann, ICEFSC's Competitor of the Year for 2015! Congratulations to Chris Handt, ICEFSC's Volunteer of the Year for 2015! Click here to view our complete Annual Awards Banquet photo album on Flickr!

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