ICEFSC coaches have the training and experience to help you achieve your goals! In addition, all ICEFSC coaches are certified by U.S. Figure Skating and are required to complete an annual continuing education program, a criminal background check, and to carry professional liability insurance.   Non-club coaches wishing to guest coach can contact the skating director for terms and conditions.

Senior Staff

Hannah Neumann, Figure Skating Coach

Hannah was a regional singles medalist, and a national solo ice dance competitor. She coaches moves and freestyle.  She has passed Novice Moves, Pre Juvenile Free Skate and Bronze Dance.  She can be reached at

Nancy M. (Wicks) Pickard, Figure Skating Coach

Nancy is a former national competitor representing Canada. She is a Canadian Gold Medalist in Figures, Freestyle, and Ice Dance. Nancy has spent many enjoyable years imparting the love of skating to young and adult skaters alike in North Dakota and Michigan. In addition to teaching figure skating, Nancy teaches Power Skating to all levels of hockey skaters. Contact Nancy by e-mail at

Jenny Brooks, Figure Skating Coach (PSA)
Jenny has been coaching students from Basic Skills levels through Senior and Gold levels for over 30 years. She is a U.S. Figure Skating Triple Gold medalist in Freestyle, Figures, and Ice Dancing. She has also passed her Junior Moves In The Field. Jenny trained under a World and Olympic coach, at a World and Olympic Training Facility. Jenny is a member of member of the Professional Skaters Association and U.S. Figure Skating. Jenny is certified by U.S. Figure Skating as a compliant coach completing continuing education requirements. You can contact Jenny for more information on rates and private lessons. Contact Jenny by phone at 989-839-0846 or by e-mail at

Carol Schenten, Figure Skating Coach (PSA)

​High School Team Coach
Carol has been coaching students from Basic Skills level up to Regional medalists for over eight years, and is the coach of the National Championship Flint Area United High School Team.  She is a U.S. Figure Skating Gold Medalist, who trained under World and Olympic coaches. She is certified by U.S. Figure Skating as a compliant coach, and has her PSA Basic Accreditiation. You can contact her to discuss lesson rates and times. Contact Carol by e-mail at

Hillary Rubin, Figure Skating Director

Figure Skating Coach (PSA)

 U.S. Figure Skating Double Gold Medalist in Moves In The Field and Ice Dancing, and has also passed three International Ice Dances, Novice Freeskate and 6th test Figures. Trained under top national and international coaches. Member of Professional Skaters Association (PSA), Category B and PSA Basic Accreditation Rating. Coaching for seven plus years.  Bachelor's Degree in Political Science from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor.  Master's Degree in Journalism from Northwestern University in Chicago. Contact Hillary at for rates and times.

Our Coaching Staff